DMX Calculator

So I have been looking for months for a good DMX calculator mainly to use on my Touch Pro 2.  I couldn’t find anything, and the online DMX Calculators wouldn’t load right in my browser.  So, I decided to create one and make it available for free.  There is a desktop version for windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and it will run standalone so you don’t need to install anything.   The installer for windows mobile is separate.   There is a link below to download all the files you need, the mobile file is a cab installer so it can downloaded and installed directly to your device.  The mobile version requires the .NET dependency to run, you can download the .NET  installer for your phone here or you can get the installer from Microsoft and install through active sync.  Comments and improvements are welcome, also feel free to leave a small donation if you can to put toward the development of new freeware products for people in our industry.

DMX Calculator -Windows XP, Vista, and 7

DMX Calculator-Window Mobile 5 and 6